DevOps Fundamentals

Course Type:
Software and Computer Programming

DevOps Fundamentals

Course Overview:
The "DevOps Fundamentals" course aims to introduce students to the principles, practices, and tools associated with DevOps, a set of practices that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to improve collaboration, automation, and efficiency in software development and delivery. This course is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of software development and IT operations, who wish to gain insights into DevOps methodologies and best practices.

Course Objectives:
Understand the concept of DevOps and its significance in modern software development.
Familiarize students with the core principles and values of DevOps.
Learn about collaboration and communication between development and operations teams.
Explore automation techniques for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and deployment.

Introduce key DevOps tools and their applications.
Understand the importance of monitoring, testing, and feedback loops in the DevOps process.

Discuss DevOps culture, its challenges, and how to overcome them.
Gain practical knowledge of implementing DevOps practices in real-world scenarios.

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